Project Location Country Year Type
Aviator HQ, Rooster and T&T Advertising Belgrade Serbia 2017 Commercial
Penthouse W19 Vienna Austria 2017 Commercial
PricewaterhouseCoopers - Bulgaria Sofia Bulgaria 2017 Commercial
DF Studio Zagreb Croatia 2018 Commercial
EXPO 2017 ASTANA Astana Kazakhstan 2017 Commercial
GM Apartment Belgrade Serbia 2018 Commercial
NOA Werbeagentur GmbH Vienna Austria 2015 Commercial
Siemens - Serbia Belgrade Serbia 2018 Commercial
VMN HOUSE Opatija-Volosko Croatia 2018 Residental
X Apartment Vienna Austria 2017 Commercial
HAAI GmbH Vienna Austria 2016 Residental
Kent 3 Restaurant Vienna Austria 2016 Commercial
Palais-Palais Apartment 8th Vienna Austria 2016 Residental
PricewaterhouseCoopers Belgrade Serbia 2016 Commercial
Apartment BV London United Kingdom 2016 Residental
Loft 69 NY - Soho New York USA 2015 Residental
TS HOUSE Novalja Croatia 2015 Residental
Cafe-Restaurant Laville London United Kingdom 2011 Commercial
RA5 London Apartment London United Kingdom 2013 Residental
House 4S Fruska Gora Serbia 2009 Residental
Top 6A Vienna Austria 2014 Residental
HOUSE EH Velden Austria 2011 Residental
Cafe-Restaurant 1016 Vienna Austria 2013 Commercial
HOUSE ID Vienna Austria 2011 Residental
HOUSE W Kotor Montenegro 2012 Residental
Apartment B20 Belgrade Serbia 2014 Residental
HOUSE G Belgrade Serbia 2013 Residental
Delhaize Europe Belgrade Serbia 2012 Commercial
Villa Nusle Prague Czech Republic 2014 Residental
e`pur beauty clinic Vienna Austria 2011 Commercial
Office Building Vienna Austria 2011 Commercial
Orlando di Castello restaurant Vienna Austria 2012 Commercial
Top 1 Vienna Austria 2014 Residental
Serbian Tourist Organization HQ Belgrade Serbia 2007 Civic
Top 6 Vienna Austria 2014 Residental
Grand Hotel - Private Apartment Kopaonik Serbia 2015 Residental
DIS – HQ – Conference room Velika Plana - Krnjevo Serbia 2015 Commercial
Hotel W Budva Montenegro 2008 Commercial
Aviator Café Belgrade Serbia 2015 Commercial
Kent 2 Restaurant Vienna Austria 2014 Commercial
MPC Holding - 25th floor Belgrade Serbia 2010 Commercial
Apartment B31 Belgrade Serbia 2011 Residental
Apartment 222 Belgrade Serbia 2014 Residental
HAAI Telekominaktions Vienna Austria 2014 Commercial
Bookstore Official Journal Belgrade Serbia 2005 Commercial
City Municipality of Budva Budva Montenegro 2007 Civic